Piano for Kids

Group, Semi-private & private lessons

 for ages 5-10 years

Young children, new to the piano, require engaging, age-appropriate instruction combined with whole body movement that inspires a fun and solid understanding of musical concepts.  Piano for Kids is a curriculum developed by B#Sharp’s founder, Monica Crowe Corbett, that combines the child-centered, music and movement experience with traditional piano instruction.  Piano classes are made up of two, 12-week sessions (Piano 1 and Piano 2).  Age-appropriate music books and materials have been developed specifically for students in this program.   Private and Semi-private lessons continue the journey for young piano enthusiasts! Students will showcase their progress in a recital in the spring!

Piano 1 & 2 are group lessons with up to 8 students in a class. Young students will benefit from the dynamics of learning and interacting with peers…

Piano 1 (5-6Y)

Children will experience movement, singing, finger exercises and imaginative stories as they apply what they learn to playing the piano. Musical games that teach and reinforce rhythm, beat, pitch (high & low) and dynamics (loud & soft) enhance students’ understanding of musical concepts. Note reading is introduced. Songs and music worksheets are included in the students Piano 1 Workbook. This 12-week course continues with Piano 2 in the winter. Piano 1 goal is for the student to be able to play and count a simple song with both hands playing simultaneously. ($15 materials fee due on the first day of class).


Piano 2 (5-7Y)

Piano 2 is the second 12-week piano course for students who have completed Piano 1 or for students who have some keyboard and/or note-reading experience (see Piano Lesson Decision Tree) Students will continue their piano learning with the introduction of the full staff. Understanding steps, skips and intervals is introduced. Songs in both 4-4 and 3-4 meter will be learned along with scales and improvisation. Students entering Piano 2 without having had Piano 1 will be expected to purchase the Piano 1 book which will be reviewed as part of the first two weeks of class. ($15 materials fee due on first day of class; additional $15 for students who did not participate in Piano 1).

Piano 3: Private or Semi-private lessons (6-10Y)

Students who have completed the Piano 2 session are encouraged to continue with private or semi-private lessons.  7- to 10-year-old beginners with some keyboard or music experience are also welcome to register.  Please see the Piano Lesson Decision Tree for more guidance on which type of lesson best suits your child.  Faber Piano Adventures books (available for purchase through teacher), as well as supplemental materials, are used in our lessons. Students will learn simple two-handed pieces as they also discover the basics of music theory through improvisation and chord development.  Private lesson students may occasionally participate in combined/group lessons with other private lesson students.

Piano 1, 2 & 3

Ages 5 years to 10 years

Glen Ellyn

Mondays & Tuesdays
(after school)

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Piano 1 & 2

Ages 5 years to 10 years

Geneva/St. Charles

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