Music in Schools

Song, movement and echo games stimulate a preschooler’s growing and inquisitive mind. B#Sharp in School music classes are incorporated into a preschool’s curriculum, providing a 30-minute music experience that engages the whole body!  We sing songs, tap to the beat, echo the pitch with puppet friends and play instruments. Students will gallop on stick ponies to the beat, sing our Good-Bye song using sign language, and develop critical listening skills as they find the the Twinkle song in Saint-Saens’ music.

B#Sharp In School young musicians develop a strong sense of tempo (speed of music), dynamics (volume) and pitch (high and low singing) as they begin to take control of their own learning.

Students enrolled in the following preschools participate in B#Sharp in School music classes:

St. Mark’s Preschool

101 S. Sixth Avenue
St. Charles, IL

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Geneva Christian School

1745 Kaneville Road
Geneva, IL

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Glen Ellyn Park District

185 Spring Avenue
Glen Ellyn, IL

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Preschool Directors – For more information about adding B#Sharp music and movement classes to your curriculum, click here.