B#Sharp in Schools

Passionate B#Sharp music specialists enrich children’s early school education with our 30-minute
multi-sensory music classes.

bsharp-multi-sensory-curriculumOur classes enhance your student’s learning in school through…

# Singing, chanting, and rhyming
# Rhythmic and repetitive prose in stories
# Listening and moving to music
# Instrument playing
# Songs including sign language and foreign language

Learning to sing and move to music results in much more than musical proficiency…

  • Singing and rhyming develop language skills
  • Moving and tapping to rhythm enhance coordination and large motor skills
  • Patterning found in music supports mathematical and logical reasoning
  • Listening to stories and music develop imagination and creativity
  • Musical games involving stop-and-go commands help children gain self-control


Many of the songs and musical concepts are practiced throughout the week by the preschool teachers who also participate in the music classes.

Multi-sensory music education can continue at home because each child receives a B#Sharp Card™. Each card summarizes and reviews the day’s lesson and offers suggestions for musical songs or activities.

The following schools currently offer the B#Sharp in Schools™ music program as an integrated part of their pre-school, kindergarten, and enrichment curriculum:

St. Mark’s Preschool

101 S. Sixth Avenue
St. Charles, IL

When you click, you visit St. Mark’s Preschool’s site.

Glen Ellyn Park District

185 Spring Avenue
Glen Ellyn, IL

When you click, you visit Glen Ellyn Park District’s site.

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