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Parents/grandparents/guardians are a child’s first teacher which is why B#Sharp Music for babies, toddlers and families engages and enriches the interaction between caregiver and child. Share your joy for music with your little one or discover the wonderful world of melody and rhythm together!

music for families

music for babies

* Share a joyful, musical experience with your child.
* Introduce the musical language, foreign language and sign language to your little one.
* join a community of other parents with young children and share in the parenting journey together.
* support your child’s social, emotional and cognitive development.
* Strengthen your child’s coordination and motor development through rhythm and movement.


Music plays a role in the development of children from the strains of the first lullaby. It enters a
child’s life from experiences in the family…In addition to its enormous social value, recent research suggests that music also is important for intellectual development: Exposure to music from an early age appears to affect the organization of the central nervous system, making it a precious tool for early childhood educators.
Dr. Frances H. Rauscher

Professor, University of Wisconsin

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B#Sharp Music for Babies

Age 0 to 18 months

New parents will share their joy of music while bonding with their babies in B-Sharp Babies

Developmentally stimulating for baby, as well as educational and enriching for Mom and Dad, B-Sharp classes also provide a warm and encouraging environment to share with and meet other new parents!

Schedule of Classes

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B#Sharp Music for Toddlers

Age 18 to 40 months

Parents are their child’s first and most important teacher which is why they play an integral part in B#Sharp Music for Toddlers.

B-Sharp teachers facilitate a nurturing, inspiring musical experience between parent/ caregiver and child. Songs, puppets and rhythm instrument play keep children engaged and moving.

Wednesdays @ 9:30 AM
St. Charles

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B#Sharp Music for Families

Age 0 to 5 years

Make music class a family affair!

Parents will share their enthusiasm for music with their children in this rocking family fun time. Combining structured learning with free play, children will enjoy a variety of musical activities.

B#Sharp Music for Families is designed for one- to five-year-old siblings with parents. Babies & Toddlers music curriculum are combined in a family friendly format.

Wednesdays @ 10:20 AM
St. Charles

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