Our Philosophy

B#Sharp Music for Children is a developmentally stimulating, multi-sensory music education program that encourages and inspires musicality in children from birth to eight years old.

Through the B#Sharp music program, we are committed to…

# Instill and rouse a passion, enthusiasm and understanding of music.

# Facilitate a joyful, shared musical experience between parent/caregiver and their young child.

# Develop a foundation of musical literacy that will foster success in future formal music training.

# Nurture and develop motor skills, creativity, imagination, and logical reasoning.

Our Staff

Monica Crowe Corbett

Monica Crowe Corbett


Monica Crowe Corbett created B#Sharp Music for Children in 2003 as a natural extension of years of music study and teaching.

Monica has played the piano and organ since the age of 5 adding the clarinet at age 9. She continued her music studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and Communication. A Management Fellowship with the American Symphony Orchestra League began Monica’s career in arts management.

After working in Public Television and Arts management, Monica moved with her husband to Chicago to take a position with Ticketmaster. Six years and one child later, she stepped down as a regional director, moved to St. Charles and devoted full-time to her family that grew to include three more children.

Monica continued giving private piano lessons from home, singing in the church choir and supporting the development of her children’s musicianship.

After many years of young child music classes with her own children, Monica wanted to create a music program for young children that delivered quality, age-appropriate, developmentally-supportive music education in a fun, energetic and nurturing environment.

Given the busy and complex schedules of today’s young families, Monica strives to keep classes affordable and accessible by offering instruction through a variety of venues.

Monica composes most songs and poems used in class which allows for quick adaptation to diverse learning styles of B#Sharp students and effective integration of the B#Sharp music program with preschool curricula.

Monica is a member of the Early Childhood Music and Movement Association and has participated in Musikgarten™ teacher’s festivals.

Linda Miller

Linda Miller


Linda Miller, in her eighth year teaching B#Sharp, has studied voice and has sung in a variety of productions including with a group that accompanied Michael Card at the Arcada Theater in 2005.

As a member of the Bethlehem Praise Team, Linda’s beautiful singing voice inspires her church’s congregation every week.

Volunteer work and her four children keep Linda very busy. She also works at Heinz and is the master behind the Heinz Greenhouse Scarecrow at the annual St. Charles Scarecrowfest.